Corporate Relocation & Moving Services

When it comes to corporate relocations and employee transfers, USA Elite Movers has you covered. From customized moving packages, to detailed moving plans, we make sure that you have all of the important information you need to complete a successful corporate relocation.  Our experience has allowed us to help millions of people to realize their business goals. We understand that corporate transfers encompass many different levels and our corporate relocation services are designed to help both professionals and corporations transition smoothly through the moving process with minimal interruptions in production.

Since corporate moves often involve a high level of sensitivity, we work hard to ensure that your move is handled with the utmost confidentiality and security. As your moving company, we will work in collaboration with your Human Resources team, as well as your company office to provide you with the best options available for your personal and company moving needs.

Custom Corporate Solutions

With over 85 years of experience, we have learned how to customize each corporate move to meet the needs of each customer. Our resources, as well as our dedication and commitment, span the globe. When you move with USA Elite Movers, you gain access to the resources we have all over the world and a network built on a solid foundation of quality results.


Leading Edge Technology

  • 11-time consecutive winner of the Information Week 500 for being the most innovative users of business technology.
  • Tablet technology that expedites and accurately captures the in-home estimating process.
  • One-time customer information required—real-time syncing of all platforms.
  • Innovative dispatching system enhances USA Elite Movers driver trip planning and optimizes moving expenses.
  • Comprehensive data security controls in every step of the process.
  • Interactive client portal that features online tracking capabilities and issues resolution.

Innovative Cost Solutions

  • Customized, simplified pricing solutions.
  • RFP toolkit that allows for the design and appraisal of moving services providers.
  • Domestic and international calculators that provide analysis in a transparent component cost process.
  • Fixed rate agreements on international moving.
  • Services range from full-service moves to small, containerized moves.

Global Capabilities

  • Global Footprint—USA Elite Movers is one of the largest international movers in the world with presence in 45 countries on six continents†.
  • Single interactive IT platform for all international shipments.
  • Exclusive network that helps to ensure a consistent, high-quality level of service. It’s the USA Elite Movers guaranteed service throughout the entire process.
  • 2013 recognitions by the Forum for Expatriate Management:
    • Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility
    • International Moving Company of the Year
    • Destination Services Provider of the Year

Quality of Service

  • Stability—over 85 years of service excellence in the moving industry.
  • Certified labor program—formal screening check for all USA Elite Movers crew members.
  • 16-time consecutive winner of the “Quest for Quality” award by Logistics Management Journal.
  • Customizable white-glove and concierge services available.
  • TeleSight—the only independently administered employee feedback process.
  • Centralized structure focused on cost, communication and compliance controls.

Relocation Package Customers

No matter where you’re moving, we help you make the most of your lump sum relocation package. With our global reach, we can customize your move to fit your needs, whether you are relocating to a different state or a different country

Choose USA Elite Movers for Your Corporate Relocation

In any move, there are many logistics to keep track of so everything gets from point A to point B. USA Elite Movers’s proven corporate relocation solutions and sophisticated technology have been built around feedback from our customers to create relocation services that make the most of your company’s relocation budget or an employee’s lump sum relocation package. Complete the quote form to get further information about USA Elite Movers’s relocation services or call us at 844-871-6683.