Regional Guides

Moving into a new area can be quite the experience, and it’s important to become familiar with not only the city or town you will come to call home, but the region it resides in as well. While cities across the nation have their own qualities that make them unique, the distinct regions they’re found in help tie these communities together and give them a shared identity with each other in their part of the country. In our Regional Guides, we cover the similarities and differences among the housing markets in prominent regions of the United States to give you a better idea of what prices, qualities, and demographics to expect when shopping around for a new home.

Corporate Relo

Corporate Relocations: The Paramount Timeline

Moving a business to a new location is a major change that can make or break the success of a company. This process involves much more than just selecting a new building and purchasing new office supplies.

Career Moving Guide

Career Moving Guide: Keeping it Simple

Relocating for a job can be both an exciting and scary task to tackle. So, before you encounter this undertaking, you may want to know what you are getting yourself into. The following information lists a number of helpful steps that will help you keep your transition simple.


Newly Retired: The Ultimate Relocation Guide

As the end of your career draws near and your retirement approaches, you may begin to wonder what’s next. You may ask yourself, “Where do I go from here? What will I do with all of my spare time?” While these questions are completely valid, a more important thing to ask yourself is “Where will I live?”


Faculty Relocation Guide for University Staff

Acquiring a new job often requires you to relocate to a new city. If you are a faculty member at a college or university then you will likely need to take a number of things into consideration before relocating to begin your career at a new school.


Regional Guide: The Southeast Cost of Living Breakdown

The Southeast region of the United States is comprised of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.


Regional Guide: The Northwest Cost of Living Breakdown

The Northwest region of the United States consists of Washington, Oregon and Wyoming along with Idaho, Montana and Alaska.


Regional Guide: The Southwest Cost of Living Breakdown

The Southwest region of the United States is mainly made up of states that have a dry, arid climate. The landscape of the Southwest features desert plains, mesas and mountains dotted with lush and verdant forests and prairies.


Regional Guide: The Midwest Cost of Living Breakdown

The Midwest region of the United States is made up of the states in the central-north portion of the country.


Regional Guide: The West/Rockies Cost of Living Breakdown

The Western United States has an intrigue that has drawn visitors and settlers to the region’s landscapes for hundreds of years.